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I'm now permanently located in Dania Beach Fl
  I do return to Rochester NY for JoAnn Fabric sharpening events.  Check my schedule for more details.  My father is still able to offer sharpening in Rochester.  Contact me for info as to how to arrange that in Webster.

    I have been the exclusive and preferred sharpener at over 100 Jo-Ann Fabrics stores over the past 15 years in New York, Pa, Ohio and Florida. I also am the preferred sharpener at many of the beauty and dog grooming salons in Ft. Lauderdale Fl., Tampa Fl. and Rochester, NY.  I also sharpen knives for butchers, several restaurants, caterers, personal chefs, yacht chefs and every day home cooks.  I have extensive experience sharpening industrial type shears used in the upholstery, canvas, yacht and aviation interior business. My extensive experience is very unique in that I know how all these types of shears are used and how to make them cut like new again.  I  am told every day by my customers that no one has ever put a better edge on their shears or knives than I do. My experience, attention to detail and customer service has "earned" my business name of Preferred Sharpening. I also sell high quality Japanese shears at a fraction of the price charged at hair shows or beauty supply stores. I highly recommend that shears be purchased from expert and experienced sharpeners as it is not uncommon for new shears from a beauty supply store, hair show or online purchase to not cut properly. My sharpened and honed edge is often better than a factory edge. If the shear does not cut properly, I am able to take care of the problem right then.  If you buy them from any other source you have to send them back to the company that made them and then wait for them to be returned.
    Approximately 90% of my sharpening business is for the Beauty Salon Industry.  I am very confident in my skills and can assure you that your shears will cut like new again.  I often have to resharpen shears that other sharpeners have not been able to make cut perfect again.  I have extra parts with me in case I need to make repairs to them as well.  I offer a full refund for any shear that does not cut perfectly (this has never happened!) and will re-hone them at no charge if they fail to stay sharp enough for at least three months.

    I have sharpening events at Jo-Ann Fabric stores in Rochester, NY over the summer and fall months and can also be found at quilting shows and other small sharpening events.   You may check my schedule to see when and where these events are planned and where I am available.

    I'm located at 1024 SE 5th Ave.  Dania Beach Fl. You may bring
your items here most any time as that is my residence. I am also completely mobile and come to your home or place of business for a minimum of $25 of business.
                         You may contact me by

                 813-892-7408 (cell#), 954-417-5202 or 585-236-5888

                Email me at:
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