Preferred Sharpening by
The Scissors Doctor

Purchasing Shears

Buy your beautician & grooming shears from me and Shears Direct.

 You are now able to buy very high quality Japanese shears directly from me and Shears Direct and thus avoid spending $150 - $500 for shears from brand name companies.  Our shears come from many of the same factories as the brand name companies use but at a fraction of the price. We eliminate the expensive advertising and  high sales commissions and we buy in very large volumes.  These shears are all made from Japanese 420, 440 C, 440 Hitachi, V-10, and ATS 314 stainless steel. They are razor sharp and silky smooth!

    You may buy directly from me as your local distributor or through Shear prices range from $40 to $250 when purchased from me.  The prices are a bit higher on their website than what I can get them for you.  I typically have a very nice selection of shears with me but you can find more by visiting the website.

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